Was Jesus a Buddhist Monk?

This BBC 4 documentary examines the question “Did Jesus Die?”. It looks at a bunch of ideas around this question until minute 25, where this examination of ideas takes a very logical and grounded turn with surprising conclusions.

The three wise men were Buddhist monks who found Jesus and came back for him around puberty. After being trained in a Buddhist Monastery he spread the Buddhist philosophy, survived the crucifixion, and escaped to Kashmir, India where he died an old man at the age of 80.

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13 thoughts on “Was Jesus a Buddhist Monk?

  1. I agree with you that Jesus was a budist Monk. I too believe his powers. But thing wrongly mentioned that Kashir is in Afganistan. Its a big error on your part. Kashir is in India. Its the integral part of India. Kindly rectify.

  2. Yes I do believe that Jesus lived and died in Cashmere, he was an Esenian and and this particular sect they lived in ashrams like places they had no belongings, but the most important thing is that they used to cure people with Herbs and with the mind, so Jesus was the one that proposed or planed geting turned in to the romans, so he could become the leader of the Esenians proving to the deciples that mind is over matter, and seams like he did married mary magdalen and had offsprings with her in Cashmere as the leader of the Esenians

  3. you guys are totally wrong, whether it is the truth or it is not, there is nothing like “it seems like” it shows that the one talking has no facts about what he or she is saying, remember: so far nothing, no book or no scientist has brought farward revelation that could logically nullify what is said about Jesus in the bible… He is the son of God and there’s no other truth aside that, may the Spirit of the Lord help us all with our faith in Him and in God the father…Jesus loves you !!!

  4. Apparently, Jesus escaped crucification and escaped to Japan too.

    “Jesus (Joshua) born to virgin Mary in Bethlehem, after an “angel” from Thiaoouba (tYehova) implanted the embryo, escaped the slaughter of 2606 babies and arrived in Egypt. After surprising all scholars at the age of 12, he left his parents at 14 to travel with his 12 years old brother Ouriki to Burma, India and China. Eventually he arrived in Japan at the age of 50. He got married there, and had 3 daughters. Finally he died in Herai where he had lived for 45 years, gaining respect and love of everyone. Christ who appeared at Judea and died on the cross was another, very special man. No man born on Earth could do what he did.”

  5. yes, i beleive that jesus was budhist monk, in pehalgaon(kashmir) still his grave and shrt story is engraved

  6. Before we indulge in all these fascinating discusssions, we have yet to prove if jesus christ really existed !!!!

  7. It doesn’t matter for the Spiritual man to know where He was born or died or whether He was resurrected but what matters is the the spiritual truth and guidance he taught during His time on earth and the wisdom you find in Bible. For me personally He is the great spiritual master and my ideal from whom i can learn. 🙂

  8. I am now not positive the place you are getting your information, but great topic. I must spend a while learning more or understanding more. Thanks for magnificent info I used to be in search of this information for my mission.

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