14 thoughts on “Time Traveler with Cell Phone in Film from 1928

  1. Seems like the philadelphia experiment worked, and somebody has perfected the science. Did major study on einstiens experiment around 1982, there were 20 or 30 books at the libraries that showed how einstien did it. Two years later, went back to the library to show a friend about it, had the titles and publishers names, all those books were checked out and never returned, nation wide in a 2 month period! Wrote the publishing co.,s, they said they never existed. I thought it wise to clam up before the men in black showed up at my door!

  2. Hey Lowell,

    Is that really true? Wow, that is a bit spooky!
    If the Time Travel thing is true, then it makes perfect sense that some ‘high up’ people would want to cover it up.

  3. Let’s say it were a time traveler and they had taken a cell phone back in time with them. There were no cell towers around to make it useable. Could be just some old lady off her rocker. They did have those back then.

  4. If she is time traveler, and she is talking with someone, means the messages are being sent in the future toward a recipient. That’s even more impossible I think…

    Even if she might have traveled back in time somehow, how can the messages of her talking travel in future to recipient? She is talking as you clearly can see.

  5. How can it be a working cell phone? Cell phones need cellphone towers to work. I don’t think they were around at that time. If it was some kind of a communications device that she was perhaps using some kind of a small two way radio. Or we see what we want to see and she could have been doing something entirely differently that we don’t know about. Or maybe a perfume bottle and she was spritzing some on herself. Could be a hundred different explanations. As for a time traveller with a cell phone. No! Utterly ridiculous and nonsensical. Ludicrous. Makes no sense.

  6. The world went backwards for 6,000 years under organised religion; but now we know there are infinite solutions to every problem – as long as we are PREPARED to believe that our 5 senses are holding us back.

    Humans usually only begin to use their inner powers when they reach breaking point, and call out loudly, “Lord I can’t do this on my own”.

    When we admit we need help, our inner creative force puts it’s hand into the infinite bag of knowledge, and solves our problem for us.

    When you slow your brain down to 5-8 herzt, you tap into the Akashi Records of all there has been or will ever be. All knowledge is available to you, no problem is too great to solve, all your dreams can come true.

    A cell in your thumb knows instantly without time delay what is happening to a cell on Mars, because everything in the universe is connected with a oneness.

    If you get a matching pair of Electrons and seperate them by a million miles – and spin one clockwards, the other one will spin anti-clockwise. Change the direction of one and the other automatically changes it’s direction (with no time delay).

    Yes, cell phones in Charlie Chaplin’s time in 1928 was possible; but it could have been a wizz kid using special affects to slip the guy into the pictures. If they can make Batman, Spiderman and Superman fly in films, then a wizz kid could weave his magic to fool you.

    But you can’t see a ghost if you don’t believe there is such a thing. Your mind will filter it, and only let you see the things you believe are true.

    But if you sit on a bed next to a sleeping person for a few nights, you can talk to their subconscious mind and reprogram it to believe all sorts of things, like a hypnotist planting suggestions in their mind.

  7. The subconscious mind never sleeps, it is aware of every sound in the room – so if you talk to a sleeping person, the sub-mind absorbs everything you tell it (because it does not have a logical mechanism to analyse whether it is true or not.

    You can talk your children into become happier and better kids, if you sit on their bed when they are asleep, and tell them how much you love them, and how proud you are of them working hard at school and helping around the home. Your kids will change their behavour and “live up to” the new “normal” in their memory banks, and they won’t even know why they have changed their behavour. You might have to repeat your sugestions for many nights, but the seeds you plant snowball and you begin to see the results if you persist.

    When you criticise children too much, you program their minds to mimic the behavour patterns you claim they have. If you praise them, you will see the results of your encouragement.

  8. Brainwave entrainment also re-programs the mind with positive suggestions, almost as well as talking gently to a sleeping person. You can apologise to a sleeping person for something that you have done to upset them, and it will get you back in their good books again, as long as you had sincerity in your hear when you apologised to their sleeping mind.

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