25 thoughts on “Think and Grow Rich: Rare Footage of Napoleon Hill

  1. The words of Mr.Napoleon Hills sound great as he has followed which was told by His Guru,so while emphasising he had stressed what he heard and further realised in achieving his desire.
    So the words are always when they are practiced and proven then expressed to people.
    Will certainly like to do by writing on the first page of my notebook The long cherished desire,followed by writing on the next page what I will sacrifice to get this desired fulfilled.
    This will be read as a prayer to see that it is firmly conceived in the mind.
    Let me do it and practice it further to share my experience.
    Thank You
    yeshwant gokhale

  2. Thank you for showing this Napoleon Hill video. It’s so true! He’s telling us to become clear on what we want by writing it down. I think most people don’t take the time to write their desires down on paper. They are vague with what they want, so they get vague, or no results. Many wondrous things can happen when we have a desire stated so clearly.

  3. For you to get what you want in life,you need work your self into a white heat of desire….A burning desire backed up with persistency and strong FAITH

  4. I have read the book and have understood some part of what Napoleon Hill says. Think and Grow Rich needs to be read again and again and again so that all the principles laid out in the book get hard-wired into our minds and we take the proper course of action to achieve whatever we desire in our life.

  5. Thank you for sharing this gem. When you uncover what it is you truly desire and especially why (which is often the missing piece), and you use more than one universal principle – you will be on track. Writing it all down is definitely the first step. Congratulations on all your endeavours. Gratitude and Blessings to you.

  6. This link should be sent to everyone who wants to acheive their dreams, it brilliant. two simple pattens done a dozen a day will no doubt get you there. What ever you want starts in the head. cool

  7. HERE IS THE SECRET YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR ALL YOUR LIFE. Simply say,”I Command(State your command).Jesus said,”Ask & ye shall receive.” “Seek & ye shall find.”,”Knock & it shall be opened unto you.”Paul told the Hebrew Cristians,”Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen…without faith it is impossible to please Him,they that that come to him must believe that He is & He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” Questions Email me @: thomaslhopkins88@yahoo.com

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  9. Mr. Hill expressed surprise that these principles he asserted so ably were never
    taught in the american ‘educational system’. What teacher, or parent for that
    matter, doesn’t have seven minutes a day during which they can impart this kind
    of thinking into a child’s mind? So many use their minds to intimidate, dominate,
    and manipulate the minds of other people engaging in all manner of devious, harm-
    full, and untoward activities! Yet our public appears in such a state of surprise as young people invent creative ways to storm movie houses, homes, and other public places to assault and murder numerous others.

    A truly advanced society would have never had such problems unresolved for such
    an extensive period and would never have had them to begin with.

    The state of our economy and the social strife previously described are examples of
    how the minds of many have been used consciously or unconsciously to the ends
    they have and continue to pursue! Napoleon Hill and others like him get no t.v.
    time or press anywhere that I’ve noticed. Have you?

    Chicago, Illinois

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  11. What your mind can conceive and believe, the mind (the creative power within your subconscious mind)can achieve it.Write down your SMART goalsin minute details help to impress your desire deeply into your subconscious mind before it is being executed by the creative power within to materialse it into the 3rd dimensional life as facts, circumstances and conditions of health, success, prosperity , loving relationship…..and money too! Learn how to manifest money fast…

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