Are You the World’s Most Typical Person?

These are some interesting stats. It’s a collection of data by National Geographic Magazine which describes our most ‘typical’ person today. From their nationality to whether or not they own a cell phone, this vid tells us which part of the world has got a massive population.

2 thoughts on “Are You the World’s Most Typical Person?

  1. I am a typical person with my knowledge, and appearance too, and why? Many years ago: time without records, since very young. Came to my mind in real life but like science fiction to a certain point, if one day I could rejuvenate ten, fifteen or even twenty years young than my age say so. I found ought that it is possible: special when the others mistake about it. It is nice be young 20 years less the real age, if do not want, will be force to lie. But another problem appearance not enough of look much younger: how about knowledge, the way to talk, walk and so on. Not that easy be a person that configuration: special when you are a man: and get many messages looking for you, flirting. What you could doing about it. By the way: how about your body looks like half or less of your age? What you going to do about it. Anywhere those histories of mine: as can see, writing with a (H) and not story. Even more complicated. Let’s change of such concept and turn into reality. About super-human: like biologic but with won original parts, just the brain did change! And it’s the brain doing all that: and because thoughts are invisible even worse, for someone to believe in possibilities. I stop now. A.Oscar

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