16 thoughts on “The Scientific Power of Thought

  1. I wish to start a site where i could put google adds on, i have 10 dollars to invest and i am aware that isn’t a lot but it is better than these free websites that don’t let you do anything. so how should i get started?.

  2. A computer begins somewhere. It starts having a bios and a CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT and a motherboard ect… When we code that computer to pump away a unique number, what makes it choose the number this picks? The identical computer rests beside really identical plus they both choose different 1st random quantities. Is the Bios fed a seed during construction each new bios gets a different seeds? Those of us that have worked with accidental numbers understand what a seed is definitely. So why does my computer give a amount between 100 and one thousand as 756, but yours gives, 537? Is that not a form of intelligence beyond those of artificial? All of us gave the computer the ability to give random numbers, but why is it provide or pick that random number when in reality it has no ‘will’ to decide. Why 3 and not 4, when it favours nothing? Even with a seed, why is it choose 5 with this seeds but 7 with that seedling? Where in the ruels of life does it say that, with this seed equaling 756395837 in that computer, 1st random # will be this?.

  3. I want a computer plan that will instantly start another program but not let that program close for a work computer. So basically, when the computer begins, this program I actually is looking for will begin a work-related program and force it to stay open, so that the just use of that computer will be to use the function program. Many thanks!.

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  5. Anytime i start a video call/ web cam/voice call on live messenger, skype, google talk, google messenger, my computer totally freezes, and provides an echo. I have to restart it personally. Sometimes it comes with a blue display screen, and this restarts itself.. I am using Vista, and this circumstance existed after i had XP on this pc. What is usually wrong? Equipment problems? There is no virus detected after i scanned the computer with Kaspersky..

  6. I’ve found it just a little difficult to find pc parts without having to buy whole computers and tearing all of them apart me personally.. I want to start my own business using the pc parts, but where may i get the computer parts (the small parts)? I have tried my regional recycle center and no success.. I’m within the verge of contacting an established computer craftsperson and cosigning to their business… Anyone with tips or tips?.

  7. We own a. info web domain hosted on 50webs. I have attempted uploading via FTP from Blogger yet I maintain getting java errors. Can there be an easier way of having Blog type software on my website? Or what is your suggestion for the BEST blog to make use of that enables you to use your own site as a home-page for your blog..

  8. I want to create a custom WordPress theme, yet I have no administrative access to the computer that I’m using, so I can’t install WordPress to test my theme. Will there be another easy way to do it? I have photoshop, and notepad ++ both installed on my flash get, but so far as I know you will not install WordPress on a adobe flash drive..

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