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LSD – Lovely Sweet Dream – The Japanese Mind-Simulation Video Game

The best late-night console game of all time? Lovely Sweet Dream (LSD) Dream Emulator was released in Japan in 1998 by Playstation. There is no way to win or lose, and no defined tasks  – except to explore one’s subconscious, set to a trip-hop-jazz soundtrack. There are many strange environments in this world, and one way to travel through them is by foot. Bumping into people, animals, or special objects usually results in a stranger dream. There is no plot. There is no objective. We dream to live, and live to dream. Along the way, we see things. Many things. Things which can not be explained, nor should they be. This is the world of LSD: Dream Emulator. I’m probably hyping it up too much, but still… it’s a nice experience.