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The Grateful Dead and the Healing Power of Music

In 1977, noted neurologist and author Dr. Oliver Sacks met Greg, a young man with devastating amnesia caused by a brain tumor who could remember no new events in his life. He responded to one thing only: music, particularly The Grateful Dead.

After almost fifteen years of working with Greg, Dr. Sacks arranged for Greg to meet drummer Mickey Hart and go to a Grateful Dead concert! This video tells the remarkable story of what followed.

Music and the Psychedelic Mind

“Music and the Psychedelic Mind” is a 20-minute documentary that explores the relationship between music and psychedelic drugs. It includes an interview with Charles Grob, M.D., professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the Harbor UCLA School of Medicine, about his study using psilocybin and music to treat advanced cancer patients who had “overwhelming anxiety.”

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The Scientific Power of Music

Is music humanity’s drug of choice? What is the mysterious power behind it’s ability to captivate, stimulate and keep us coming back for more? Find out the scientific explanation of how a simple mixture of sound frequencies can affect your brain and body, and why it’s not all that different than a drug like cocaine.

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Advanced Cosmic Ordering

The Healing Power of Music

Watch the power of music transform an elderly man in a nursing home. He is usually unresponsive and dead to the world. But once he starts listening to his favorite music, he practically wakes up from his slumber. His eyes widen, he taps his toes, he smiles, and he hoots and hollers.

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Music and Magic Transformation Kit