Remote Viewing Pioneer Russell Targ Describes The Origins Of ESP

reality-of-esp-132pxRussell Targ describes his jaw-dropping psychic missions for the CIA and the origins of extrasensory remote viewing, which he claims is “a natural psychic ability we all have…it was described originally by the Buddhists two thousands years ago, but modern physics has finally caught on.”

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2 thoughts on “Remote Viewing Pioneer Russell Targ Describes The Origins Of ESP

  1. This was an excellent presentation given by Mr. Targ. However, allow me to present
    evidence and knowledge from my own experience regarding ‘remote viewing’, ‘mind
    reading’ and other esp experiences. As Mr. Targ himself attests in this video these
    are natural abilities that people already have, are born with and need no training for.
    Unfortunately, there are those who as Dr. Joseph Slate in his book “Rejuvenation’
    and former U.S. Military Major David Moorehouse in his book “Psychic Warriors’ cite,
    that there is often abuse of these abilities not only by individuals but by governments

    Herein lies the danger of all this. With the world and the United States in potential
    political, ethnic, racial, and economic turmoil it should be no surprise to anyone the
    dire consequences lying in wait the nature of which could be such as have never on
    this planet been experienced before!

    Erick Tippett
    Chicago, Illinois

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