Psychedemia was the first academic conference funded by an American university to explicitly focus on the risks and benefits of psychedelic experience.

From Neuroscience to Shamanic Healing and everything in between. This documentary film concisely illuminates the emerging interdisciplinary field of Psychedelic Studies in a way that is accessible, informative and inspiring.

One thought on “Psychedemia

  1. Enigma Global by A.Oscar Seems like most of them figures: already having some kind of Neurosciences or to me occult science experience; but such science of Mind still undercover for some people. Has you may know all of mind expediencies was involved four centuries under the Philosophy, Then a Germany professor divided in various ways like Psychology and Psychiatry, but the mysteries continue which the mind it so complexes, which the best way have to be expediencies on himself and not on the others. You must feel of what you doing: and for the point could be improved for what you want to learn. I ‘m a mature man now over 60s, but since I was a boy have try to know what I knowing now. Never enough and continue experimenting the impossible for the average person. But to the point the paranormal still has a very good point: if do not take to fantasize and be real of what you doing. Our thoughts could be full of energy to a certain degree, depend of what kind of exercises you nay doing to charge yourself for what you want to do. You could get electromagnetism in your body which could get into the next person like the common current of electricity. I still love to heard people that may thinking knowing a lot’s, but it’s a subject which never end’s.16/5/2013 by A.Oscar

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