20 thoughts on “Just Do It. Just Do It. Just Do It.

  1. A brilliant way of looking at what life is all about. It is a fact that we are what we beleive we are. I sincerelly hope the world as a whole would look at this to create a world filled with love and not hate.

  2. Sometimes we have fear for a good reason (read The Gift of Fear – Gavin De Becker)

    I think it’s knowing when the ‘fear’ is not necessarily useful to us and when it’s just a conditioned response to something new. The ‘mind’ likes what’s familiar as it’s kept us and our ancestors alive.

  3. If you are new to David Icke make sure you read his books (I loved Children of the Matrix) and check out his website. It will really open up your eyes and your mind. Set yourself free!!!

  4. Quito, March 31st., 2011

    Dear Friends,
    I have not been able to watch the video, Just do it, just do it, with English text. Plese tell me wha shoul I do. Thank you. J.Ar.

  5. it’s true, don’t hesitate when you think you should do something, once you reed yourself of barriers
    many good ideas burst into your mind, and the results of your efforts are greater than you have
    expected. I know it because I am a civil society activist, and have no choice left but to do it and
    push for reforms, draw others’ attention to the pressing issues, etc. the courage you have shown
    encourages others, other concerned parties carry the idea forward and if by magic, the impact is
    tremendous, more than you have ever dreamed of counting on! And that’s not all, once one of
    your thoughts/ideas are implemented, you get much better, refined and outrageous thoughts
    coming to your mind one by one. I think I freed myself from hesitation and turned to action, and
    yes, passion is contageous, it is contracted to others

  6. Very well said David…………..there is no other way to a life of fulfillment than just doing it!!!

  7. Very interest.
    small part of what Load Buddha said is here.
    if somebody wants to learn more jest study budhism phylosophy.

  8. I had a “just do it” moment today, I don’t know where it will go, but I am happy that I “did it”. I find that any time lately I have a “just do it” moment (call someone, do something) I have no regrets.

  9. Hi,

    Many thanks for precise description of the potentialities of human brain, emotions and love for uplifting the mankind in next 50 years.


  10. Thank you for this eye-opening presentation. I think you hit the bottom line. Love is the greatest of all and love for oneself is definitely powerful. Indeed we are genius. I will do it from now on in spite of myself.

  11. Amazing! This is what we do already know deep down so it definitely brings up what is already within our own psyche.

  12. Note: I cannot watch any videos on the internet, my wifi keeps dropping the signal. So I have to use firefox and Free Download Manager get the full video then watch it. Otherwise the video might start and the person speaking says about 5 words then it takes 5 to ten minutes for the video to start again if I’m trying to watch it on the net. It’s so bad sometimes it takes 15 min of retrying to send an email. Might take 5 to 10 min to get this posted. Within a month I’ll have a good connection. They are going to install a wifi router within 100ft. Anyway hope this helps.
    Excellent Video Thank you

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