Jesus of Siberia

The Church of the Last Testament is equipped with solar energy, vegetable gardens, and trampolines, money is meaningless, and children sing pop songs and chase after adorable animals. As far as 21st-century Jesus reincarnations, this has to be one of the most convincing:

Deep in Siberia’s Taiga forest is Vissarion, a cult leader who looks like Jesus and claims to be the voice of God. He’s known as “the Teacher” to his 4,000 followers, who initially seem surprisingly normal. Over time, however, their unflinching belief in UFOs and the Earth’s imminent demise made this group start to look more and more like some sort of strange cult.

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3 thoughts on “Jesus of Siberia

  1. Something a like in British Gainer in South America; when many people sold the own houses just to live there. Then was heard about that was a cult religion a like which everyone obey only one man. Then someone from England and US thought something wrong about, because the religious guy also let be a free sexual by change couples, inclusive himself had chance to use young girls. This not that long ago: real happened when that religious guy, poison everybody for not share the secret around, before authority came along. Hope not the same and everybody should be free around.

  2. Every Nation was blessed with a Teacher of Morality and Righteousness in these last days. I AM happy to see so many beginning to participate in the true change instead of just believing political rhetoric. Maybe the chosen ONE of other nations will also come forth and face the beast of destruction face to face…

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