3 thoughts on “Human Powered Ferris Wheel

  1. There are a variety of ways that human mechanical movement can be converted into electricity. If you think about the motions you make every day you’ll probably be able to think of a few ways electrical generators could be attached. Simply opening and closing doors, walking up stairs, riding a bike, lifting weights, etc can all be harnessed to produce useful electricity. Let’s go over some of the more common ways that human power has be used in this way.

  2. If you look into imagination; yes humans could still do many inventions, everything in motion could produce energy: just like human beings, producing energy for themselves. To make energy; producing heat, like we have, and the body maintain the same energy, when start to be differently than usual, we may are sick. 37ยบ are the normal for any adult, and child could be a little more. When we run or moving how body many times: we getting hotter, but normal outside the body, on the inside must be 37; otherwise we perspire more than usual. Just like somebody paralyzed; could be possible from the body, get energy to move the wheel chair and the body. One problem about energy: why rockets still need to used hydrogen, or others gases, to go above of our stratosphere? The supposed UFO do not using any gas, unless their used and not show yet, but the velocity are much faster than Space vehicles made by humans. Something to do with electromagnetism: from Universe, something like Japan, build trains above the rail, not even touch the railing. A.Oscar

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