How to Live Forever (results may vary)

Director Mark Wexler embarks on a worldwide trek to investigate just what it means to grow old and what it could mean to really live forever. But whose advice on immortality should he take? Does a chain-smoking, beer-drinking centenarian marathoner have all the answers? What about an elder porn star or the world’s oldest person?

Wexler contrasts these unusual characters with the insights of health, fitness and life extension experts in his engaging new documentary, which challenges our notions of youth and aging with comic poignancy. Begun as a boomer’s quest for the fountain of youth, How To Live Forever evolves into a thought-provoking examination of what truly gives life meaning.

3 thoughts on “How to Live Forever (results may vary)

  1. ok im interested kindof what will it do naturally i think you where on coast to coast thankyou

  2. There is a minimum amount of oxygen needed by the brain each day to avoid brain cells dying faster than they can be replaced. Walking 100,000 steps per week floods your brain with new vitality and your body gets stronger, fitter and more able AUTOMATICALLY. Wear a pedometer on your belt and don’t go to bed before you reach your target number of steps for the day. To lose excess weight you need to mix oxygen and fat together to get a metabolic burn. Walk slowly for a few months until your muscles, bones and tendons get stronger, then the speed will come without really trying.

    You must FEED your body with plenty of oxygen and water if you want to live a long, healthy life. Harsh diets can actually cause severe depression because oxygen intake is cut back sharply from eating less food.

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