How Alien Spacecrafts Work

Bob Lazar is a physicist who supposedly worked at the secret military installation S-4, near Area 51 in Nevada. In this excerpt from his famous interview in 1991, Lazar discusses the science behind the UFOs.

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  1. Enigma Global by A.Oscar
    Science his not for everybody to understands or believe in what he may saying: for me I will saying he not sure of what may be: because theory have been studding with knowledge have create from the others. Gravity has to be more than what he saying: because levitation has nothing to do with gravity. We have many kinds of gases in Universe like hydrogen the most and nitrogen just after, oxygen scientists claimed to be only 23%. Those gases also are surrounded from electromagnetic fields, like helping one another for what them doing on Universe. Many Space-craft could get incredible velocities around the cosmos, but soon get into the Earth atmosphere will get to hot. For Flying UFO does real matter the velocity could be the same any were. If you look into the skies the or on earth at 5 kms of altitude seems like do not moving at all: when a 400 meters could look like going real fast. My point is you could at night without any lights around you: look at the skies, you may see artificial satellites moving, because the sun light them, and for that matter glow on you, at the same altitude or further could be possible see any UFO in groups of three moving and some of them speeding at incredible speed let some of those three behind which still moving. If any country could find the real history of UFO-craft will be in control of the world. What make such problematic UFO do not need to be refuel. Such stories could be real in one day: if humans stop wars and get together to explore the other planets.USA have been one of them with love for wars: and try to make us believe went to the moon, and if that was thru for sure will be a new base in the moon. 26/05/2013 by A.Oscar

  2. Remember, what the mind of man can conceive, man can achieve.

    It will be a reality in the future, watch old sci-fi movies and you will see many items we take for granted today.

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