4 thoughts on “Evidence Of The Afterlife

  1. After life is life itself in it’s most fundamental aspect. Ther is an eternal feature for “Life” which like all things infinite and eternal, have for a basis many aspects and means for investigation that to limit it is like trying to capture the ocean in a bottle.

    I admire all those who provide proof for the finite aspects of the infinite truth. Please go forward with your work.


  2. Death is beyond the realm of science to prove or disprove. ‘Near death’ is
    an experience that describes itself; ‘near death, not ‘beyond death’ as we
    know it. All concerning this issue is a matter of ones faith and nothing more
    is available to us in this life as a measure of confirmation.

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Chicago, Illinois

  3. The near death experience is really wonderful. Infact even I have heard the experiences of people who say that the entire life will be shown as a movie in few seconds. We ourselves judge the further path we would like to take to evolve for a much better being.

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