5 thoughts on “Do You Want To Live Forever?

  1. I think Aubrey is wrong because I think all his premises are based on a mistaken view of reality, which is, a Newtonian mechanical physics based paradigm. Aubrey seems to base his work on the human body like a machine, i.e., his comparative idea of replacing parts of a car. I think the new physics are showing reality to be of a different, energetic base. I think if/when extended living becomes a reality it will happen by way of a greater understanding of what it means to be human. Why do we think like we do? What does our thinking capacity have to do with the quality and even longevity of our lives? For example, why does the placebo event occur so repeatedly? This is evidence of a power in thought that it seems Aubrey is not considering.

  2. I think Aubrey is right, because for one thing he has a novel idea worth fighting over and which he is already working on with millions. The other reason is his kinds of people which are destined to succeed as Louis Pasteur once said, “chance favors the prepared mind.”. He has come up with his points to ponder. Let us critic if we may. My philosophy is to oppose yet to come with same kind of Idea comparable and with different approach which than his at the same time convincing and measurable to defy. The prove thus so far he is right remain based on history of those great people before him who were obsessed with great ideas. They were great because they were not only looking for answers in a confined laboratories of corporate labs to produce quantity and profit but were searching for the answers every where in their daily life.

  3. jesus said to his disciples about the one he love most(if i want him to live forever who are you to argue that)the idea exist since jesus time,also jesus said the things i did you can do and more so we can live forever but its done jesus,s way and not through science

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