12 thoughts on “Did Jesus Live in India?

  1. A very thought provoking,mind blowing, well researched documentary .Nice to know the ultimate teaching of all the great Divine incarnations are one and the same that there is one and only ONE TRUTH.

    I wish everyone gets to see this. As you said there will be no war based on religion

    MAy GOD Bless All


  2. Absolutely confirms what I have always known……the mysteries are revealed in your dreams…..the answers and miracles are within….peace be with anyone who reads this….Namaste

    Beautiful documentary….Thank you…

  3. this vedio tells me the same thing I already beleave in God body everything in life comes from me and everything in the afterlife comes from me and what I do here builds my afterlife know thy self knoledge is power power of the eye people Atum- Ra as above is below thats why the build the pyramids after the stars of heaven as a sign for the enlightened people of now theres no yesterday no tomorrow only the power of thyself in the now hope to God iam on the right path to God almighty

  4. Jesus is great and an avatar in his own right…One thing common in all divine incarnations , to preach for the welfare of mankind and life in general .. How I WISH the world leaders are made to study and get a glimpse of the many avatars and and then allowed to take oath to rule their countries…Half of the disastrous wars would not have taken place…Billions of $ down the drain in the so called development of weaponry of mass destruction, be used instead to help down trodden citizens of this violence ridden world…!The ultimate truth …ostracize hypocrisy and promote human values…. This excellent documentary is indeed thought provoking and needs to be further researched ..,

  5. wow and i thought i was crazy to have that same idea.could it be that when they couldnt find His body.the only place He would be safer there..no wonder india is so spiritually rich…….
    how else did yogis swamis know of this man…what do they also teach and know..if we could but just open our minds to things seemingly unknown to us and imagine what wealth of information we would find..finding all the answers within,,not man made stories to suit our own beliefs… dont we all have a piece of Jesus within us..that piece of him knows of its experiences..we cant fool ourselves any longer….r.c.v.y

  6. A very beautiful and well researched presentation. The one great learning is- we are all
    following different paths to self -realisation, and it is futile to practice dualism. The best we can do is search for the truth and be open to change, if truth demands it.

  7. This video brought more light to my continuous search—I always feel that there is more that is yet to be discovered about Jesus. I continue to do my search…and I am so greatful for this video and thank you very much for the websites provided at the end of the video. Great job

  8. Excellent,
    I knew the Bible had been edited far too much for my comfort over the years, and now I feel I can accept Jesus for the beautiful prophet/son of God that he is. I knew there sould be more to the Bible, then I found this evidence last year. It is great to see more people providing this evidence for other people to see.
    Yes, It will upset some people, but you cannot deny the proof is out there.
    I cannot believe that Stephen Colbert is a grown man, shame on you…… at least be polite to your guests and remain open minded while she spoke, I could hear your ‘sheeple’ following your lead, dangerous… food for your ego I suppose.
    Thakyou for making this film. :o)

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