CIA Secret Mind Control Experiments

At the height of the Cold War, the CIA launched a highly classified, top secret research program that exposed Americans to biological agents, hallucinogenic drugs and psychological techniques aimed at mastering the art of mind control. Entire cities in America were contaminated with bacteria, exposing millions to germ warfare. NGC’s CIA Secret Experiments examines what happened, shedding light on its research to better understand the extent and full reach of its disturbing experiments.

You are only a few easy steps away from uncovering the truth about someone’s background!

2 thoughts on “CIA Secret Mind Control Experiments

  1. many can catch my mind until I meditate or concentrate body mind brain .its new indeed ,I never thought before. I felt and realized.
    Such as:
    1. Shadow picture in eye direct and inside room and outside.
    2. Brain thought if there is little distraction inside(room) and outside on rd
    3. Mind talking inside outside on rd
    4. What doing inside room without cam
    5. Utterance from mind to mouth inside and outside on rd
    6. What I hear only to expert amateur.
    They can feel utter catch inside utter in hollow at large number without any age sex barrier even common natural habitual people……. If there is no mind body brain combination and concentration and adjustment in thought. Now I am connected with several minds around.I know my emotion can many people convert into language here while I didn’t utter a single word in mind.I inhaled some in pure such as colour nature and church temple gurdwara like that .Once inhaled its very difficult to through atleast its not colour.i can prove and authenticate.
    Those knows with little bit concentration can catch at the same time even mass people at large extent those knows nothing about me can feel pulse according to their level of perception in hollow irrespective of caste creed color religion provided whose who who know a litle bit about me and those who who know nothing about will feel different according to their perception level. some intend to carry project experiment thats is disgusting while I believe a medieval age history behind in disguise which under shamble here…. Many people involved esteemed to high office bearers to amateurs to household and school college boys girls..
    They made such a way to marinate or demerinate ………………..factor .. they made among numerous people in around Kolkata whereas I was unknown in public eyes just 1.10 yrs ago. I have to make 3 thought in mind to evade other wise they will relay instantly from outside and wherever I go more over entire transports(kol) put into operation to catch and relay mind on road and room inside with “horn “which they can do with comfort .I sent All files to police long back ………which lying unresponded.At the same time numerous people are in hollow and under spell because they can feel utter catch in hollow in air without direction and root source of pulse, they are indeed put into operation. Many wait in Tv center to catch mind and relay indirect and implied form long time .. distance not factor.I have to control breathing exhale inhale otherwise they will catch ..its difficult at beginning need time to adjust with no help from so called biggy. technological factor was wrong but I did not lie I understood late. Any wrong hands is bad indeed as it has a history in depth which is lying unattended and poor suspicious stage although I am practical habitually and believe in logic.what is lacking to me ..i.e pulse has two ways to mass and one specific person ……….second one i just got learned.My right brain thought and other lapse one can catch till I adjust. difficult to cope at initial stage ..Meditate ,concentration of mind body brain are vital important whereas others getting to catch as feel different.It has story last 3 years i seen here in kolkata.I already forwarded all files to kolkata American center kolktata ,India,west bengal via with this same Id and i have IC3 PDF No: India.I told Guinness they didn’t understand ..they are so busy with 60000 pa….its a just number and 3%….I believe in history not theory . I am too logical practical and very much interested about science technology. .
    please don’t think I lie and don’t trust too on net ………………..I believe you will understand in your way.its true I can identify any people you sent even the person completely unknown to me and great tv show.posting such comment might be futile at much distance away, you need time to unravel if think i too was unaware just 6 months back……i have an IC3 no (I1008151452088541, all personal details are true and not lie) much of it might be wrong as I understood in late ..what can I do with no help here even numerous people know it.If you doubt I wont doubt you because I am already doubt around here not away ………..they are in spell many numerous they made and I evade to safe.many more I say you will try to know if understand at beginning.

  2. this is my home computer and I am not in cyber cafe, i am not scared, I can do.i evade to bypass curious onlookers as i am in vulnerable situation tacking my mind body brain at initial ground ….its tough call …once adjusted you get the miracle you ever seen but don’t believe now before authenticate as its the most complicated posting I know…
    money …………..its secondary , I am under unrecognized stage even many knows that’s a huge problem and if you ask what about ourselves I am habituated to see many foreigners since long time .They send I watch. They can too catch like us not in joke indeed.That’s is one one reason of posting .I know who is sent to me but none can understand at a glance in second close distance both none can do.I like most natural habitual common people to all people irrespective of caste creed color and community. 1,2,3.

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