5 thoughts on “Are We Living in the Most Peaceful Time in History?

  1. Am from nigeria,I don’t really know how to make things easy for my life.am not living life I want at my age.I ‘ve a lot of rise and fall.now am finding it difficult to see those past good opportunities I lost unknowingly.please help me…

  2. If you conceited asses could “imagine what it would feel like to be someone else”
    you might have extracted from this excellent presentation what you obviously
    have not. This person from Nigeria has a desire to improve and is pleading for
    help and all you have to offer is unconcerned, crass, sarcasm!

  3. Cosy Eustace from Nigeria,

    Excuse my sharp tongue, I usually follow the old adage and “let sleeping dogs lie”
    but I could not sit idly by after reading your request for help and the responses
    made to that request and passively “LET LYING DOGS SLEEP!’

    May I make a suggestion. Since you have a computer why don’t you avail yourself
    of the excellent helps available on the You-Tube.com. One in particular I highly
    recommend is the Dynamic Mental Fitness Training program. Just type in this
    title in the appropriate box under the website address space bar.

    Best wishes in your quest for self knowledge and self fulfillment.

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher
    Chicago, Illinois

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