4 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens – The Evidence

  1. My fellow Canadians: could some of you me respond about Human beings be so much behind in knowledge; like believe on the unknown like God, because no one could yet proved anything close to such Figure. I ‘m a person that can’t change my mind: of what I real seen; in Canada Calgary from my veranda of my 12º apartment. Also since I was a child: I lived to research what the others not believe, or believe without any proofs. Also many things that I know, better not even mention about the laws of physics. Believe-me what make people not believe in some impossible, it’s because lack of knowledge about physics and Aliens. I do believe terrestrials are behind Aliens: a few thousands of years; special in technology, which the only thoughts humans may have, most hate towards the others or jealousy among themselves, to the point already having Weapons of Mass Destruction to destroy the planet. 20.000 Nukes and Israel what for want 100 Nukes? I’m against stupidity: when Human beings should look after Mankind and not destroy them. I do believe whatever such Aliens came from: there are so smart, which already using gravity and Universal electromagnetism for his own flings Space vehicles. The velocity has to be fast; to be able to flying in Space from some planets. Otherwise would take years to do so. Yes their already came many times, and we may are part of them too. Because no intelligence now: and less three thousand years ago to build Pyramids; which today scientists do not have a clue what to do it. I know many of you know lots; but I only express my feelings in my way, which your guys judge your own way. Again why humans are so behind knowledge; and so devoted to God which can’t find any proofed, even so science have knowledge to understand now, it’s more planets on solar systems and by the thousands of them in Universe. What kind of supernatural figure could make Universe? Do you real know since I was a child, 6 or 7 years old was wonder in part what I know now? Has I told you of been Portuguese-Canadian and was in Calgary for over thirty years worked and lived there. We may be able to organize for two people; visit me for a few days or weeks in Portugal-Algarve in the city of Portimão live in apartment, not very far from any beach. Bring a video camera and one bedroom two people could stay. The food here is great and the weather marvelous. A.Oscar

  2. I’ve seen this excellent presentation on the History Channels’ own broadcast of it
    several years ago. As a student of metaphysics I am certainly open to the issue
    of higher intelligence imparting advanced knowledge to humans not otherwise
    available. I am also aware of the ability human’s have to see into the future and
    as we know the ‘futuristic’ writings of Jules Verne and Nostradamus became what
    we now accept as reality. The ‘iron fish’ described in one of Nostradamus’s quatrains
    could well have been his precognitive viewing of what was to become our submarine
    and the carving of the Aztecs could very well have been their accurate visions of the
    space suits shown in this video. Open mindedness should not eliminate the fact
    that what we are inclined to view as alien connections could actually indicate abilities humans already have and have had all along, to see into the future quite clearly.

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Chicago, Illinois

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