3 thoughts on “Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind Pt. 2

  1. Very nice to know new skills: or new ideas or for everyone a new way to contribute to advance knowledge; but for every human mind are deferent from one to another, which turn into be unique. In my point of view about the mind: are too complex for the most intelligent human to comprehend the real facts about the mind. For that matter Human being is the less trust animal on Earth. Never try to be honest; because greed is part of his life; never satisfied with what have doing or what to be on life. Human brain could be much more then what it is: if respecting the others for a better way towards progress and piece. Just analyze the way we have the world: which every country population suffering; just about out of control, but still we heard the New World Order for the future. The next step to intelligence must be stupidity; of not realizing human life his not that to long. We have in the world thousands of nuclear weapons: and just Israel alone a tiny country having between 200 and 400; the Gods son’s of Jews, have been the most greed, and because of them the Christians should stop wait for the saver to return to Earth, because it’s much easy to have a catastrophe with a Third World War. A.Oscar

  2. I’d like to see the scientific confirmation that the human brain named itself! I could
    see the mind presenting such a concept to the human as the brain of the human is
    merely a physical organ like the heart or lungs.

    Chicago, Illinois

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