Join the Illuminati TV Commercial

I’m posting this for entertainment purposes only! Please do not join this group… there is only one way into a secret society and you didn’t make it.

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The Greatest Gift in the Entire Universe

This is an episode of Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio, in which he gives probably the single greatest answer ever to the most common complaint you will inevitably hear from a modern, educated, working person.

You can also read the entire transcript of this video at

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This Is Your Brain on Magic Mushrooms

ASAP Science takes a look at how Magic Mushrooms chemically alter the brain. Learn more here: Could Magic Mushrooms Change the World?

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Animals in Heaven?

Televangelist Jack Van Impe and Rexella Van Impe try to answer the most important question of all time: “Will Your Pets Be Waiting For You In Heaven?”

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Dalek Relaxation Tape

Exterminate your stress with this new-age relaxation tape narrated by the lovely voices of the Daleks from television’s Dr. Who.

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Shut Up and Make America a Sandwich

Jarrod Carmichael explains why he is grateful for slavery. Instead of dying of AIDS in Somalia he has his own stand-up comedy special on HBO in America.

Read more infuriating bullshit about slavery at

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The McDonald’s Mind Control Song

You are getting sleepy…. or at least hungry. This is what happens when you mix bad food with bad drugs.

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12 Incredibly Weird Things You Can Buy at Amazon

Read more about all of these (and more!!!) at

You can buy all of these at Amazon…

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The Power of Group Meditation

This video offers some scientific findings on the power of group meditation to promote world peace and the betterment of life for everyone. The theory of the Maharishi Effect is one way of describing this phenomenon. It says that when a certain number of people meditate together using the Transcendental Meditation technique, the energy field of the group created is able to affect the collective consciousness of others in a constructive manner- at a local, national and worldwide level. Learn more at

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Program Your Own Mind or Others Will Program You

Over the past half century various studies have proven that subliminal messages really do have an affect on people’s behavior. It became so powerful that it was added into advertising for years, but then the research started showing that it was a little too effective and the government got scared, so it was banned from advertising. You couldn’t use it legally.

However, that’s not true anymore because it is still being done today. It’s being done in music videos, movies, and television shows. All types of subliminal advertising are being used and it absolutely 100% works and there is a whole technology behind it.

Access Powers You Never Dreamed Possible!
Learn more at

Try Subliminal Audio For Free!

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The Church of the SubGenius

The Church of the SubGenius is a parody religion that promotes slack, while in a meta-commentarial way, satirizes religion, conspiracy theories, UFOs, and popular culture. The church claims to have been founded in the 1950s by the “world’s greatest salesman J. R. “Bob” Dobbs. Bob Dobbs is depicted as a cartoon of a Ward Cleaver-like man smoking a pipe. Join the cult at

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There Is No Such Thing As Time

Why space and time have a secret connection. Read more at

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10 Myths About Psychology — Debunked

How much of what you think about your brain is actually wrong? In this whistlestop tour of dis-proved science, Ben Ambridge walks through 10 popular ideas about psychology that have been proven wrong — and uncovers a few surprising truths about how our brains really work.

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What Did They Steal From Nicola Tesla?

When impoverished inventor Nikola Tesla died in New York City, the U.S. government confiscated his notes. Why? Were they trying to steal his technology? Did they ever relinquish the notes? Read Tesla’s Top 10 Inventions at

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Get Happy Get Money

The money isn’t the means to the happy life. The happy life is the means to the money.

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